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Wellcome To Purple Slurple, be a part of this social media.

Company Principles

With us, Instaswift, your presence on the social media network is made simple. Yes, we take the responsibility of making you popular and being liked by as many as possible and this way we help to take you to all your near and dear ones. But how do we do this is the question from many of our non-customers and we take this platform as the right opportunity to explain and exhibit ourselves to all those non-believers.


We take the duty of making you go viral online by marking a` like` to whatever photo or video you upload; in other words, there is an automatic like to all types of media you upload on your websites. The users or the customers are not required to login into our website for this but once you are a registered customer and you have an account with us, we do the needful for you by giving you instant likes on whatever you upload. The system recognizes the upload as one of its customer`s work and passes on an immediate like to whatever has been uploaded by him or her.

Our services include manual likes and auto likes. Auto likes are where we offer likes immediately to all your uploads before even they are liked by the others. This is like a trigger, a push, an urge wherein the others when they visit your pages, would be tempted to look at the pictures just by looking at the thumbs up sign. In case of manual likes, we try to give out credit likes once there is an upload from the customers. Each credit like equals one like and the customer is at freedom to distribute these credit likes among the media uploaded as per his or her wish and will. This service enables the customer to grab the attention of people to the most deserved upload.





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